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POEM by Le Comptoir is the only Michelin-recommended Bali-inspired restaurant in Hong Kong. POEM brings to life the unique food culture inspired by the “Island of Gods”. As a tribute to Bali’s organic movement, the restaurant’s sustainable menu showcases classic flavours found across the island-nation, using the freshest seasonal components and ethically sourced meats. The kitchen is helmed by Chef Mustika Wayan, a native of Bali, who brings his international culinary background and a passion for the flavours of his hometown to POEM.

“Top Chef Creations" Special Menu

All prices are subject to 10% service charge.

APPETIZER (choice of) 

Classic vegetable salad with tofu & cashew nuts 

Asinan Bayam Salad 
Market spinach, carrots, green apple & chilli tamarind sauce 

Dabu-Dabu Mackerel
Cold smoked with tomatoes & dabu-dabu sambal

MAIN COURSE (choice of) 
All main dishes served with vegetable and organic coconut rice

Vegetable Curry 
Bali-style curry with okra & pickled cauliflower (add Tindle plant-based chicken + $50)

Free-Range Chicken 
Pan seared chicken with spicy & sour salsa (supplement +$20)

Catch of the Day 
Coconut fish stew, bell pepper & eggplant & gulai sauce (supplement +$20)

Beef Steak 
Soy glaze flank steak, coconut mushroom & balado sauce (supplement +$50)


Traditional Satay
2 skewers & cashew nut sauce $128

Wagyu Cheek Ba
12-hour slow cooked beef cheek in steamed bun & pickled onions $138

Soft Shell Crab 
Papuan soft-shell crab, smoked eggplant caviar sambal $168

Market Corn Fritters 
With salsa pickles & balado sambal $128

(choice of)

Homemade Sorbet/Ice Cream
Two scoops of Chef’s daily selection

Island of Gods Dessert Sampler
Selection of traditional Balinese desserts (supplement +$40)

All prices are subject to 10% service charge.

Balinese Soup of the Day

(please choose one)

Grilled Coconut & Corn Salad 
Smoked duck, dabu dabu sauce 

Asinan Bayam Salad 
Baby spinach, carrots, green apple, cashew chili

MAIN COURSE (please choose one)

Eggplant Bakar 
Soy glazed eggplant with sweet potato, baby carrots & coriander

Barramundi Rica Rica 
Pan seared with vegetables & rica-rica sauce  

Vegetable Curry 
Balinese yellow curry with market vegetables (add ‘Tindle’ plant based chicken +$50)

Sapi Colo Colo 
Ribeye steak, chili cauliflower & colo-colo sauce (supplement +$40)


Kue Manis
Island style rice cake with coconut sorbet

*Dishes/ingredients may vary based on seasonality.
*Exclusive menu cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts.

5th Floor, LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
中環雲咸街33號LKF Tower 5樓

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